5 Steps To Prepare Your Commercial Flat Roof For Winter in Minnesota

Flat roofs are the most popular roof design among commercial roofs in Minnesota. They are bar far the most economical, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly roof types for commercial settings. In addition, the design, material, and construction can vary drastically between roof styles. 

All properly installed flat roofs feature a slight pitch allowing the rain and snow to melt and drain to the designated areas, but still, flat roofs can accumulate debris that can clog drains and cause long-term damage if not well maintained. 

Unless you have a building manager on speed dial, caring for your flat roof can be a lot of work. So, here are five simple steps DuraRoof recommends to prepare your flat roof for winter in Minnesota:

  1. Clear the roof of debris, such as leaves, twigs, and small branches during the fall. Excess debris can cause water pooling, putting stress on your flat roof, and can increase the chance of leaks. Apply light pressure while sweeping, as applying heavy pressure may damage the roofing membrane or remove special protective coating.
  2. By hand, remove dirt, debris, or leaves from the cage drain hubs and surrounding areas.
  3. Remove and pressure wash drain hubs. Spraying the drain hub will dislodge any minor buildups. Clearing the drains will prevent water from collecting on the roof during the winter season.
  4. Inspect your roof for holes, indentations, or standing water, which can indicate low spots that need fortification.
  5. Check your roof for blisters between layers of roofing. These pockets must be cut out and replaced. Look for cracked or “alligatored” surfaces, which may indicate the need for a new application of roofing tar.

Pro Tip: Since this is a more invasive repair and may be covered by your roof’s warranty, we suggest giving one of DuraRoof’s service technicians a call. We can quickly inspect the area and give you professional advice, saving you time and money.


If you don’t have time to take the necessary steps before the first freeze, give DuraRoof’s roof experts a call. We’re here to help you with all of your commercial flat roofing needs. So, get your free roof inspection today and give yourself peace of mind on your most valuable asset before the snow hits. 

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